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The 4moms Breeze Bassinet is a quality product with below average performance in most of our tests. This bassinet is large and heavy making it difficult to move from to room. Its footprint also makes it a poor choice for bedside sleeping and nighttime feeding. While we like that it is easy to fold and works as a travel crib, these features don’t make up for the hard mattress pad and the fabric sides of the sleeping area that potentially reduces breathability. This bassinet looks good on paper, and it is one of the most stable options we tested, but for the price we;d like to see a more thoughtful design for baby’s safety and comfort.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The 4moms is a sturdy and durable feeling product with nicer materials.

In 2005, 4moms was started by Henry Thorne a roboticist, and businessman Rob Daley. After considering a variety of industries, the two decided on juvenile products as a prime opportunity. Established under Thorley Industries, the 4 moms name reflects the first focus group that offered insight while creating their infant tub, the company’s first product. 4moms is a fast growing company with multiple product options for babies and infants.


Performance Comparison

The comparison chart below provides the overall scores for the bassinets we tested for this review including the 4moms breeze bassinet (in blue).

Overall Score (0-100)01020304050607080Bedside SleeperClear-Vue Co-SleeperBassinest EssentiaBabyBjorn CradleLotus BassinetSoothing Motionsand StandPack ‘n Play On the GoDeluxe Sweet BeginningsBreezeClassic Comfort WoodChicco LullagoGraco Dream Suite80797568635453504544434341

Product Overall Score (0-100)
Bedside Sleeper 80
Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper 79
Bassinest Essentia 75
BabyBjorn Cradle 68
Lotus Bassinet 63
Soothing Motions 54
and Stand 53
Pack ‘n Play On the Go 50
Deluxe Sweet Beginnings 45
Breeze 44
Classic Comfort Wood 43
Chicco Lullago 43
Graco Dream Suite 41

The following sections detail the 4moms performance in each metric compared to the competition in this review.

The 4moms is the largest folded package made harder to manage with the addition of the bassinet that doesn’t fit in the carry bag.


Ease of Use

The 4moms earned a 3 of 10 for ease of use. This score is the lowest in the group for this metric.



The larger footprint and lower mattress level make this bassinet a poor choice for bedside feedings at night. You will have to sit up and likely get out of bed to reach your baby and the larger size means you’ll be moving it away from you or scooting to the end of the bed to stand up.

The 4moms is too wide to fit through most interior doorways and the lack of wheels makes this heavier option hard to move.



This crib is heavy with a weight of 28.9 lbs. It measures 29″H x 45.8″L x 32.6″W when open making it one of the widest options. The width makes it difficult to get through some interior doorways, and the weight and lack of wheels make it hard to move from room to room. It is a travel crib, however, so folding it into the carry bag for a trip is easy.

The 4moms bassinet is an accessory that comes with the travel crib. Unfortunately, the bassinet portion does not fit in the travel bag and must be transported separately.


Additional Features

The 4moms comes with the bassinet as an additional feature. This means the Breeze can be used as a travel crib or play yard making it a versatile choice with a longer lifespan.


Ease of Setup

Assembly takes about 9 minutes from start to finish and includes pushing a central button, snapping the bassinet over the top rails, and securing the mattress to the bassinet. Using the Velcro tabs on the pad is the hardest part.



This product is spot clean only making it difficult to keep clean and necessitating the purchase of the mattress cover that is machine washable.

The 4moms side walls are a combination of mesh and fabric which means it is relatively breathable with some areas of concern.



The Breeze earned a 5 of 10 for breathability. While the play yard portion of this product has full mesh sides the bassinet unit does not. The corners have a decent amount of fabric that angle in and there are several nylon webbing straps that run down the sides. Any fabric besides mesh limits breathability, though this one is better than those that mimic crib bumpers.

The 4moms mattress pad has a center seam that allows it to fold but makes it less comfortable.


Sleep Surface

The Breeze earned a 5 of 10 for the sleeping surface. The mattress compressed more than the average and there is a seam that runs down the middle of it. It feels too firm to be comfortable and the way the bassinet hangs from the frame causes low spots in the mattress where smaller babies might creep. The pad fits the frame well but the edges seem to curl under for some reason.

The 4moms mattress attaches to the bassinet floor with Velcro.



The Breeze earned an 8 of 10 for quality. The 4moms is made of durable material and has a sturdy frame. The mesh is scratchy but tight, and the frame doesn’t move when you put pressure on it. We like the overall fit and finish and feel the construction is well done with solid materials.



The Breeze Bassinet earned a 1 of 10 for eco-health. 4moms doesn’t offer details on the materials they use. They do say the following:

All of our 4moms products meet both the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements as is standard for all juvenile products sold in the U.S.

However, this statement doesn’t pertain to flame retardants which are potentially harmful to baby’s health. We’d like to see some transparency related to these kinds of chemicals. Saying nothing is not the same as saying you don’t use them.

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