The Skinny

The Baby K’tan Original carrier is a wrap type carrier without the wrap design. This unique carrier is made of two loops of fabric joined by a smaller third loop that provides a wrap style final position, look, and feel. This carrier works for babies from 8-25 lbs in five positions. We like how easy this carrier is to use and clean, and we think it is fairly comfy for parents and passengers. This “wrap” is budget-friendly, but it is size specific so parents may not be able to share the same one, and there is no adjustability for fit or comfort. However, given the ease of use and lower price, it may be just what you need for simple baby carrying without the expense or hassle of more complicated carriers.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Baby K’tan makes a variety of products for baby, but their main focus is baby carriers. The company has a unique carrier that functions like a wrap without the wrapping that makes traditional wraps difficult to use. The K’tan wrap is two rings of fabric joined together which functions like a wrap without the extra fabric and need to wrap yourself while holding your baby. The company started in 2005, by two families with special needs children. The company relies heavily on organic growth and word of mouth for advertising and continues to grow exponentially since its first product launch in 2007.

Performance Comparison


The chart below shows Baby K’tan Original’s overall score (in blue) compared to the other products in this review. The K’tan earned a higher than average score and provided better performance for the price than the competition.

The sections below have information on the K’tan’s overall performance. These metric scores were used to evaluate and calculate the scores for each carrier reviewed.

Baby’s Comfort


The K’tan earned a 7 of 10 for baby’s comfort. Only two of the other products we tested are more comfortable for little ones than the K’tan.

Parent’s Comfort


The K’tan earned a 7 of 10 for parent comfort. This score is above average, but we think the K’tan may be less comfortable the longer you wear it due to lack of structure or adjustability.

The K’tan lacks any kind of padding or internal structure which could make longer trips more difficult. It is also size specific which means you can’t adjust it like a traditional wrap and as you change size or baby grows the carrier fit will also change. However, we think the soft fabric and wide shoulder strap design means it provides a comfortable cocoon of fabric, at least for shorter outings. The fabric can feel restrictive like tight clothing and for most positions, you will have three layers around you and baby which could get hot in warmer weather.

The K’tan is the easiest wrap to use in this review, primarily because it isn’t a standard wrap. While traditional wraps are long swaths of fabric, the K’tan is two rings of fabric joined with a loop. This means you can easily put the carrier on without holding your baby and use similar holds and positions to traditional wraps. While you still need to review the manual to learn the exact process, the K’tan is more intuitive and by far easier to use.

The K’tan is machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer for a quick turn around time that gets you back out and on with life.
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