This bath and skin care package for baby makes for a great shower gift so that mom can sample this brand before committing to larger sizes. It is also ideal for carry-on plane travel with baby as all containers follow TSA’s 3oz maximum size for liquids. Equipped with Earth Mama’s natural, organic baby shampoo & body wash, lotion, oil, and bottom balm (which is compatible for use with cloth diapers), this basket of soothing goodies is toxin-free, good for an infant’s delicate, sensitive skin.

A Little Something For Baby includes:

  • Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, 1.67oz
  • Angel Baby Bottom Balm, 1oz
  • Angel Baby Lotion, 2oz
  • Angel Baby Oil, 1 oz



The most commonly cited likes for this product are:

  • Safe, natural ingredients
  • Nice smelling
  • Great gift and/or traveling item
  • Perfect for newborn sensitive skin



User reviews frequently note these disadvantages:

  • Some items more desirable than others
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