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The Graco Jetsetter is a lightweight stroller that works with Graco Click Connect infant car seats. This stroller comes with adapters that click onto the frame of the stroller and work without any straps. The connection is simple, but we did install it multiple times thinking it was connected when it wasn’t. The stroller is light and compact making it easy to carry and stow almost anywhere. Unfortunately, the Jetsetter isn’t easy to use and is hard to push and turn. So despite being easy to fold and the ease of car seat attachment, it isn’t the best option for most parents who may want more features or better quality that is easier to maneuver.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Graco Jetsetter is a lightweight stroller that accepts any Graco Click Connect infant car seat carrier.

Russell Gray and Robert Cone started the Graco company in 1942 Philadelphia creating car parts. When Gray later decided to leave the company, Cone took Graco in a new direction making baby gear with the help of an engineer. The first Graco baby gear was an infant swing. The unique swing (inspired by an outdoor glider) was a hit with parents putting Graco on the map as a go-to for baby gear. Now, Graco is a leading producer of baby gear worldwide.


Performance Comparison

The Graco Jetsetter (in blue) is lighter weight full-size stroller that is not easy to push and has increased difficulties attaching car seats.

Overall Score (0-100)020406080100Doona ComboChicco ShuttleKeyFit CaddyBugaboo Bee3 ComboB-Free ComboCruz ComboVista ComboB-Agile 3 ComboCameleon3 ComboUrban Glide 2 ComboCity Mini GT ComboSnugRider EliteCity Mini ComboSwift ComboJetsetter ComboLiteway Plus ComboSnap-N-Go EX UniversalBravo LE ComboBooklet ComboSpeed ComboRevolution Flex Combo868076737372726968676666636159575654494842

Product Overall Score (0-100)
Doona Combo 86
Chicco Shuttle 80
KeyFit Caddy 76
Bugaboo Bee3 Combo 73
B-Free Combo 73
Cruz Combo 72
Vista Combo 72
B-Agile 3 Combo 69
Cameleon3 Combo 68
Urban Glide 2 Combo 67
City Mini GT Combo 66
SnugRider Elite 66
City Mini Combo 63
Swift Combo 61
Jetsetter Combo 59
Liteway Plus Combo 57
Snap-N-Go EX Universal 56
Bravo LE Combo 54
Booklet Combo 49
Speed Combo 48
Revolution Flex Combo 42

The Jetsetter performance as a combination option is detailed below.

The Jetsetter can work with infant car seat carriers without removing the canopy.


Ease of Attaching Car Seat

The Jetsetter comes with car seat adapters making it compatible with Graco Click Connect infant car seats. We tested ours with the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35.

The adapters (above left) click onto the frame sides (above right), and you need to align the carrier up with the connectors exactly, or it won’t attach. The attachment is click-in only, but even when you hear the double click of the back and front, the installation may not be complete. We had several occurrences of hearing the click but still being able to pull the carrier off the stroller with a firm tug. This problem means you need to remember to push firmly and double check connections every time. Despite this, it is easy to install and remove.

The Graco Jetsetter folds into thirds to make a compact shape suitable for those with limited space.


Weight and Folded Size

The Jetsetter is light and easy to carry thanks to a compact fold. It weighs 13.7 lbs and measures only 4,246 when folded. These measurements make it the smallest folded package in the review with only two strollers weighing less. Both of the lighter strollers are frame strollers making this the lightest non-frame strollers in the review.

While the front wheels on this Graco are an improvement over other Graco options, they still don’t work that well over any surface that isn’t entirely flat.



This stroller is hard to push and to turn earning only a 3 of 10. The Jetsetter has plastic wheels that are relatively small, so despite being single wheels per leg instead of dual front wheels we don’t like, it still struggled to move smoothly and efficiently. The frame of the Jetsetter is rickety, and this causes significant flex in the frame making it difficult to push and turn. This difficulty increases the more weight you put inside.

The Jetsetter has a carry bag that contains the entire stroller for travel or long-term storage.


Ease of Use

The Jetsetter’s smaller size and fewer features hurt its ease of use score with a 4 of 10.

The Jetsetter fold is initiated by releasing the frame with a push of a button on the handlebar.


Fold and Unfold

The Jetsetter is easy and quick to fold with one hand and few steps. This stroller self-stand, auto-locks, and has a carry handle and storage bag. These features make it suitable for travel and quick storing in small spaces.

The brake pedal on the Jetsetter is small and close to the wheel, but still easy to use even for bigger feet.



The brake pedal is small and right next to the wheel but still easy to use. The brakes are single action and easy to use even with open-toed shoes or bare feet.

The Jetsetter storage bin is fairly small and limited as to how much it can hold.



The storage bin on the Jetsetter is on the smaller side, but it holds the average amount of weight for the group with a max capacity of 10 lbs. Access is only average and only available from behind. We fit a large diaper bag inside, but there isn’t room for anything else inside. So you won’t be taking your supplies and buying groceries with this ride.

The Jetsetter is compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant car seat carriers and can be used without removing the sunshade.



The upside is the shade can stay connected to the stroller when you attach your car seat. You can even open it and use it in conjunction with the carrier canopy. However, it is not a significant canopy overall and coverage is limited.


Ease of Setup

The Jetsetter is very easy to put together taking only 5 minutes. The manual is average, but the assembly is intuitive and straightforward, so whatever it lacks you can potentially do without.

This Graco is only average for quality with loose connections and materials that don’t feel durable.



This Graco earns an average score of 5 of 10 for quality thanks to the competition that includes frame strollers which generally are lower in quality. However, it can’t compete with the better full-size or jogging strollers. The Jetsetter is a little bit frumpy with foam filled plastic wheels and loose connections that cause flexing. The fabric doesn’t feel durable, and we worry about longevity despite it being somewhat nicer than most Graco strollers.

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