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The Philips AVENT Fast performed average in our round-up of bottle warmers. While it was third place overall in our testing with a score of 54 out of 100, that was a full 23 points below second place and Best Value award winner Chicco NaturalFit. We were left disappointed that this warmer did not perform better.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Philips AVENT Fast is a small, basic bottle warmer with limited features. It’s shape allows for both standard and wide bottles, a plus. Similar to the Kiinde Kozii and the Chicco NaturalFit, it utilizes a water bath but lacks an automatic shut off. The control dial is connected to an LED indictor light to indicate whether the warming function is on or off.


Performance Comparison

The Philips AVENT Fast is a basic unit that unfortunately lacks some essential features (like an automatic shut off). The LED light indicates shines when the warmer is on. There are four settings: milk warming up to as well as over 6 ounces, defrost, and food warming.


Health and Safety

A professional grade thermometer was used to test the temperature of the milk during the warming cycle. Here, the Philips AVENT Fast is shown to overheat a four ounces of refrigerated milk when cranked up to maximum settings.

The AVENT Fast only scored a 5 of 10 in health and safety. We do like that it utilizes a warm water bath but that is about where it ends. First of all, it has a recommended warming table that is limited to plastic bottles, is in Celsius only. The biggest problem, however, is there is no automatic shut-off or audible end of cycle signal, just a visual LED light. It must be turned off manually when the bottle is taken out. This warmer really does necessitate setting a separate timer alongside it so as to avoid overheating a bottle.

Finally, in our maximum heat tests, we found we could easily make the AVENT Fast overheat milk, while some competing products did not. As a result, we would advise against cranking a bottle up to maximum settings as we found this can result in overheating.


Ease of Use

This bottle warmer is basic and scored a 6 of 10 in ease of use. Water has to be added to the warmer for each use, however, simply fill it with water up to the level of the milk; no special measuring tools are required.

The instruction manual is easy to read, but doesn’t include timing recommendations for glass bottles. From our perspective, this is a big oversight. And, as mentioned previously, there’s no auto-shut off. This isn’t just a safety issue but one of convenience as well. Needing to set a separate timer is yet another step in the process and really something that should be included in the functionality of the device.


Warming Efficiency

The Fast received a 5 of 10 in warming efficiency. At recommended settings, it took 5:30 to achieve a temperature of 67F for refrigerated milk in a 4 ounce Lifefactory Glass Bottlewith silicone sleeve. It doesn’t require any cool down time before a subsequent bottle is heated, but if the water isn’t switched out, expect it to warm higher and more quickly than the last.


Ease of Cleaning

A view into the Philips’ warming chamber. It was very easy to keep clean!

The AVENT scored a 6 of 10 in ease of cleaning. A quick empty after cooling and wipe down with each use is recommended. And, every four weeks, de-scaling with 50mL white vinegar:100mL cold water with the device on for 10 minutes. The way it is designed, however, it isn’t possible to really get at the warming plate to clean it with a cloth.


Best Applications

The Fast is versatile in that it can fit most bottle and container sizes including the wider Comotomo and Tommee Tippee Feeding bottles. While it can be used with glass, you will need to fiddle with the settings to find what works best for warming as it will take a bit longer, especially if used with a silicone sleeve. Finally, it doesn’t have a cool down period for subsequent warming so this is a reasonable warmer to use with multiples or in a daycare setting; however, be sure to set a separate timer as there is no end of cycle beep and the unit needs to be manually shut off.



Our opinion is that this warmer doesn’t provide a good value for its cost; there are just too many functionalities missing. For those looking for a simple and compact bottle warmer at a good price, the Chicco NaturalFit uses similar technology in a better performing package.



We recommend considering one of the higher performing products rather than buying the Philips AVENT Fast bottle warmer.

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