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The Thule Urban Glide 2 is a jogging stroller you can easily use as your primary stroller. This stroller is the easiest to maneuver with a large swivel front wheel, adjustable tracking for running and rear wheel suspension. It has covered storage with a 10 lb weight capacity and additional stow pockets for parents and passengers. These features make it suitable for carrying all-day supplies for any adventure. While this stroller is somewhat cumbersome and bulky thanks to its jogging design, and this means it will be harder to transport or keep out of the way, we still think it is a great buy that can pull double duty as a jogger and your full-size stroller. This dual use can save you time, money, and space making it an excellent choice for many families.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Thule Urban Glide 2 has a large canopy and a seatback that reclines far enough for cozy napping making it a good choice for jogging and a primary stroller.

Thule (Too-La) was founded by Erik Thulin in Sweden. The company started in 1942 making gear for fishermen. As the years went on they began making products for outdoor lovers and their families. The goal of the products was to improve adventures by making it easier to transport outdoor gear. Thule continues to increase their product lineup with over 70 years of experience and knowledge to draw from including strollers, roof racks, luggage boxes and racks, bike racks, and trailers.

Performance Comparison

The Thule Urban Glide 2 (in blue) impresses with top-ranked performance in this review and our jogging stroller review.

Overall Score (0-100)304050607080Urban Glide 2Revolution FlexUPPAbaby VistaUPPAbaby CruzCity Mini GTBritax B-FreeBritax B-Agile 3SwiftCity MiniBumbleride SpeedBugaboo Bee3City SelectPeg Perego BookletExpeditionGraco Aire3Bugaboo Cameleon3Chicco Bravo LEStokke ScootInglesina QuadQuinny Buzz Xtra7573737069696666656464636059585857535046

Product Overall Score (0-100)
Urban Glide 2 75
Revolution Flex 73
UPPAbaby Vista 73
UPPAbaby Cruz 70
City Mini GT 69
Britax B-Free 69
Britax B-Agile 3 66
Swift 66
City Mini 65
Bumbleride Speed 64
Bugaboo Bee3 64
City Select 63
Peg Perego Booklet 60
Expedition 59
Graco Aire3 58
Bugaboo Cameleon3 58
Chicco Bravo LE 57
Stokke Scoot 53
Inglesina Quad 50
Quinny Buzz Xtra 46

Specifics about the Urban Glide 2 and how it fared compared to the competition are detailed below.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is the only option with a cover that keeps contents contained and dry.

Ease of Use

The Urban Glide 2 is easy to use earning a 7 of 10, the second highest rating for the metric.

Ease Of Use Rating012345678UPPAbaby VistaUPPAbaby CruzUrban Glide 2Chicco Bravo LECity SelectRevolution FlexBumbleride SpeedStokke ScootPeg Perego BookletBugaboo Cameleon3Britax B-FreeBritax B-Agile 3Bugaboo Bee3City Mini GTGraco Aire3Inglesina QuadExpeditionCity MiniSwiftQuinny Buzz Xtra88777766666655555543

Product Ease Of Use Rating
UPPAbaby Vista 8
UPPAbaby Cruz 8
Urban Glide 2 7
Chicco Bravo LE 7
City Select 7
Revolution Flex 7
Bumbleride Speed 6
Stokke Scoot 6
Peg Perego Booklet 6
Bugaboo Cameleon3 6
Britax B-Free 6
Britax B-Agile 3 6
Bugaboo Bee3 5
City Mini GT 5
Graco Aire3 5
Inglesina Quad 5
Expedition 5
City Mini 5
Swift 4
Quinny Buzz Xtra 3

While it lacks certain features like a parent tray or cup holder, parents can purchase these features as accessories if they feel strongly that they are non-negotiable.

Fold and Unfold

The Urban Glide 2 only requires one hand to fold, though two will make it more comfortable. It has a slide and twist unlock under the seat (above left) to initiate the fold. It has an automatic lock (above right) and a new compact fold that pulls the rear wheels in.


The Urban Glide 2 has easy to use single action brakes with an easy to use extra wide pedal (above left). This stroller also has a deacceleration handbrake (above right) that twists forward to slow the stroller.

The Urban Glide 2 storage bin is relatively unique in this review. While it only holds 10 lbs max, it has a weatherproof cover that zips closed to keep your items contained, and fairly dirt and water free.


The Urban Glide 2 has a large storage bin with a waterproof zippered cover (above left) that prevents items from falling out. The basket has rear and side access and holds our large diaper bag with a max weight capacity of 10 lbs. This stroller also has a mesh pocket on the seat back large enough for a good size water bottle and cell phone. Passengers have two easy to access mesh pockets for sippy cups and snacks.


The Urban Glide 2 has a nice canopy with pop out visor, a zipper panel for more coverage and ventilation. It has a vinyl peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure on the cover that is easy to see through. The entire shade rotates forward for protection from head-on sun or wind.

The cool new buckle on the Urban Glide 2 works smoothly and releases the straps to pop open setting little ones free.


The Urban Glide 2 has a cool 5-point harness that virtually pops open on its own when you press the button. The harness goes on easily and has straps that fit the shoulder and waist with a single pull. It has adjustable shoulder and crotch straps making it easier to fit the harness with wiggly little ones in the seat.


The Urban Glide 2 has a sling style seat with a non-adjustable padded leg rest that slopes down to a narrow footrest. There is a one-handed plastic toggle to adjust the recline angle of the seat back which lays flat enough for napping comfort. Once reclined, the seat has additional covered ventilation at the top for added airflow.

The new Chicco adapter for the Urban Glide 2 works well with just a click on to the loop.

Car Seat Compatibility

The Urban Glide 2 works with a variety of infant car seat brands with the use of optional adapters. The Thule Urban Glide Car Seat Adapter for Chicco is designed to work with the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat. The Thule Car Seat Adapter for Maxi Cosi works with some options from Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex including the Cybex Aton 2. The Thule Infant Car Seat Adapter works with several popular seats including the UPPAbaby Mesaand Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 (both award winners), and others by Graco, Britax, Bob, and Safety 1st.

Ease of Setup

Ths stroller is simple to assemble with only the rear wheels to add to the already assembled stroller. It took just over 5 minutes for us to build the Urban Glide 2 using the multi-language manual. The directions take a few pages to start and the illustrations are clear and easy to follow.


With air-filled rubber tires and a swiveling front wheel, this trike design earned a 9 of 10 for maneuverability.

Maneuverability Rating0246810Revolution FlexUrban Glide 2Bumbleride SpeedExpeditionSwiftCity Mini GTCity MiniUPPAbaby VistaBugaboo Bee3Britax B-FreeCity SelectUPPAbaby CruzBugaboo Cameleon3Peg Perego BookletBritax B-Agile 3Graco Aire3Quinny Buzz XtraInglesina QuadStokke ScootChicco Bravo LE99888877776666655443

Product Maneuverability Rating
Revolution Flex 9
Urban Glide 2 9
Bumbleride Speed 8
Expedition 8
Swift 8
City Mini GT 8
City Mini 7
UPPAbaby Vista 7
Bugaboo Bee3 7
Britax B-Free 7
City Select 6
UPPAbaby Cruz 6
Bugaboo Cameleon3 6
Peg Perego Booklet 6
Britax B-Agile 3 6
Graco Aire3 5
Quinny Buzz Xtra 5
Inglesina Quad 4
Stokke Scoot 4
Chicco Bravo LE 3

The Urban Glide 2 has a locking swivel front wheel that works well in tight spaces or locks for running or more control over bumpy roads. The wheels are larger and work well over almost any terrain managing tight spaces with ease before seamlessly transferring to the gravel and grass of the great outdoors. No matter what your day brings, this Thule will move smoothly over it like a dream.

Removing the quick release rear wheels on the Thule Urban Glide 2 can make it smaller and more compact.

Weight and Folded Size

The Urban Glide 2 is one of the heftier options with a weight of 24.4 lbs. it is also bulky in comparison to true full-size strollers measuring 15,388 cubic inches. These measurements helped it earn a 6 of 10 for weight and folded size.

Weight Folded Size Rating012345678City MiniSwiftBritax B-Agile 3Britax B-FreeBugaboo Bee3City Mini GTUPPAbaby CruzPeg Perego BookletGraco Aire3Chicco Bravo LEUPPAbaby VistaBumbleride SpeedUrban Glide 2ExpeditionInglesina QuadRevolution FlexQuinny Buzz XtraStokke ScootCity SelectBugaboo Cameleon388888877776666555554

Product Weight Folded Size Rating
City Mini 8
Swift 8
Britax B-Agile 3 8
Britax B-Free 8
Bugaboo Bee3 8
City Mini GT 8
UPPAbaby Cruz 7
Peg Perego Booklet 7
Graco Aire3 7
Chicco Bravo LE 7
UPPAbaby Vista 6
Bumbleride Speed 6
Urban Glide 2 6
Expedition 6
Inglesina Quad 5
Revolution Flex 5
Quinny Buzz Xtra 5
Stokke Scoot 5
City Select 5
Bugaboo Cameleon3 4

While its weight is about average, the overall folded size is about 3,000 cubic inches larger than the average making it harder to fit it into smaller cars and spaces. It is, however, on the lighter side compared to its jogging brethren.

The Urban Glide 2 is a high-quality stroller with virtually unmatched style and lack of manufacturer defects.


The Urban Glide is a quality choice with a sleek look and inspired design earning a 9 of 10 besting the remainder of the competition.

Quality Rating0246810Urban Glide 2UPPAbaby VistaRevolution FlexSwiftUPPAbaby CruzBritax B-FreeBugaboo Cameleon3Bumbleride SpeedCity SelectBugaboo Bee3City MiniCity Mini GTQuinny Buzz XtraStokke ScootInglesina QuadPeg Perego BookletBritax B-Agile 3Chicco Bravo LEGraco Aire3Expedition98877777666666555544

Product Quality Rating
Urban Glide 2 9
UPPAbaby Vista 8
Revolution Flex 8
Swift 7
UPPAbaby Cruz 7
Britax B-Free 7
Bugaboo Cameleon3 7
Bumbleride Speed 7
City Select 6
Bugaboo Bee3 6
City Mini 6
City Mini GT 6
Quinny Buzz Xtra 6
Stokke Scoot 6
Inglesina Quad 5
Peg Perego Booklet 5
Britax B-Agile 3 5
Chicco Bravo LE 5
Graco Aire3 4
Expedition 4

The Thule has a sturdy aluminum frame, tight well-strung durable fabric with strong connection points. The fit and finish are easy on the eye with a high attention to detail and no manufacturer defects we could see. it sports few exposed connection points and a seamless connection of fabric to frame.


Thule has several accessories to use with the Urban Glide 2 that could make daily use easier.

  • Thule Snack Tray — This tray is good for snacks and a possible drink and is accessible to buckled passengers. The tray rotates for easy passenger access to the stroller seat and is easy to attach and remove. You will need to remove the tray for folding and storage.
  • Thule Car Seat Adapters —

    A car seat adapter is mandatory if you plan to stroll with your infant which can extend the life of your stroller. Thule offers two car seat adapters that work with a variety of car seat brands.

  • Thule Mesh Cover —

    This mesh cover is made specifically for the Thule and is a good addition for hot weather, sun, wind and bug control without inhibiting airflow.

  • Thule Rain Cover —

    The rain cover is fully clear draping over the stroller to deflect rain, snow, and wind without impeding their view of the world going by. If you plan to run or stroll regularly, rain or shine, this is a must-have product.

Other Versions

Thule makes one other single seat stroller. This stroller shares much in common with the Urban Glide 2 but it really is better suited for the jogging it was designed for.

  • Thule Glide 2 — In many ways, the Glide 2 is similar to the Urban Glide 2 but without the superior maneuverability of the swiveling front wheel. This makes the Glide 2 less desirable as a primary stroller because it needs more space to make turns and struggles to negotiate crowded spaces. While the fixed wheel is suitable and often preferable for runners, it can’t compete with the Urban Glide 2 for maneuverability.
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