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The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light is an easy to use travel crib/play yard that is comfy and eco-healthy. This crib is the third lightest option in the review with a folded size that is easy to carry. The carry bag has comfortable handles and the crib fits inside without any hassle. The mattress is soft yet firm and made with materials that meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 criteria making it a healthy option for baby free of harmful chemicals. We like how easy this crib is to set up and close and it feels stable when open with a sturdy frame. This crib has the highest price in the group, making it a poor choice for families on a strict budget. But if your budget allows, we think most families will love what the BabyBjorn has to offer.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Because your baby’s face is so close to crib materials and deep breathing occurs during sleep it is important to consider the use of flame retardants prior to exposure.

BabyBjörn is headquartered in Stockholm and is a Swedish family-owned business. Björn and Lillemor Jakobson started the company in 1961, and it is now located in 50 countries. BabyBjörn strives to develop safe and functional products for little ones that help families in their everyday routines.They are constantly looking for solutions and improvements based on safety and quality. BabyBjörn products have a simple, classic and modern design that lacks unnecessary details. They design for function and believe products should be timeless and appeal to mothers, fathers, and babies. They create products for newborn up to three years old.


Performance Comparison

This chart includes the overall scores for the travel cribs purchased and tested in this review. The BabyBjörn earned an impressive high score 11 points higher than its closest competitor, which makes it easy to see why it won an Editors’ Choice award.

Overall Score (0-100)01020304050607080LightLotus Everywhere4moms BreezeTravellerPack ‘n Play On the GoUltra-Lite Day and NightKidCo TravelPodJoovy Room28371565352484847

Product Overall Score (0-100)
Light 83
Lotus Everywhere 71
4moms Breeze 56
Traveller 53
Pack ‘n Play On the Go 52
Ultra-Lite Day and Night 48
KidCo TravelPod 48
Joovy Room2 47

The sections below detail how the BabyBjörn performed compared to the other cribs we tested. The overall score is based on the individual test results with an emphasis on ease of use and portability.

The minimalistic BabyBjorn provides just what you need without added features that add weight and size to the carry bag.


Ease of Use

The BabyBjorn earned a 9 of 10 for ease of use, which makes this product the easiest to use.

Ease of Use Rating0246810Light4moms BreezeUltra-Lite Day and NightPack ‘n Play On the GoLotus EverywhereJoovy Room2KidCo TravelPodTraveller98766542

Product Ease of Use Rating
Light 9
4moms Breeze 8
Ultra-Lite Day and Night 7
Pack ‘n Play On the Go 6
Lotus Everywhere 6
Joovy Room2 5
KidCo TravelPod 4
Traveller 2

Setting up the crib is very easy with the mattress attachment taking the most time. The BabyBjorn crib legs lock in place when you unfold it without much effort. The mattress clips in place instead of the more common Velcro found on the competition. The fold is also intuitive and easy, and the entire package fits in the bag with ease not found in the other products we tested.

This crib fabric and mattress cover are machine washable, and the legs are smooth with no crevices for gunk to hide.

The smaller size and shape of the folded BabyBjorn means it may fit in spaces the longer, larger options can’t.



The BabyBjorn earned an 8 of 10 for portability.

Portability Rating024681012TravellerLightKidCo TravelPodLotus EverywhereUltra-Lite Day and NightPack ‘n Play On the GoJoovy Room24moms Breeze108885422

Product Portability Rating
Traveller 10
Light 8
KidCo TravelPod 8
Lotus Everywhere 8
Ultra-Lite Day and Night 5
Pack ‘n Play On the Go 4
Joovy Room2 2
4moms Breeze 2

This crib weighs 12.3 lbs which is the third smallest crib in this review. It measures 19.5″H x 23.6″L x 6.6″W with a shape that isn’t awkward to carry. While this option isn’t the lightest or even the smallest in the group, it is light and small enough with comfortable carry handles, so you can carry it as far as you need to go.

Keeping baby comfy is a big step in your baby being happy using a portable product like the BabyBjorn.



The BabyBjorn earned a 7 of 10 for comfort. This is the high score for the group with no other mattress scoring higher.

Comfort Rating012345678LightLotus EverywherePack ‘n Play On the GoJoovy Room24moms BreezeTravellerUltra-Lite Day and NightKidCo TravelPod77665322

Product Comfort Rating
Light 7
Lotus Everywhere 7
Pack ‘n Play On the Go 6
Joovy Room2 6
4moms Breeze 5
Traveller 3
Ultra-Lite Day and Night 2
KidCo TravelPod 2

This mattress feels like the thickest in the group though they are all around one inch. The mattress. It is soft but firm, and the cover fabric is the softest in the review.

The BabyBjorn mattress is noticeably thicker and denser than the competition with a soft cozy cover.

During a side-by-side inspection, you can feel the difference between the products that is evident. The bottom of the mattress is 100% polyester, and the top is 50% polyester and 50% polyurethane.

The crib did not perform as well in our tests for the comfort of the caregiver putting the baby into the crib. With the narrow opening and taller frame, it means bending all the way over to get your baby safely on the mattress.

The BabyBjorn scored well for quality with a simple yet sturdy design that uses high-end materials to create a noticeably nicer product than much of the competition.



The BabyBjorn earned an 8 of 10 for quality by using higher-end materials.

Quality Rating0246810Joovy Room24moms BreezeLightLotus EverywherePack ‘n Play On the GoTravellerKidCo TravelPodUltra-Lite Day and Night99876543

Product Quality Rating
Joovy Room2 9
4moms Breeze 9
Light 8
Lotus Everywhere 7
Pack ‘n Play On the Go 6
Traveller 5
KidCo TravelPod 4
Ultra-Lite Day and Night 3

The fabric and mesh are soft and feel resilient. The stitching is consistent, and there were no loose or errant threads on our product. The frame is sturdy, and while it shakes somewhat, it doesn’t feel flimsy. Overall, the product feels nice, and the materials come together well.



The BabyBjorn earned a 10 of 10 for eco-health. This crib is one of only three options we tested that earned a score for eco-health over 1.

EcoHealth Rating024681012LightLotus EverywhereTravellerUltra-Lite Day and NightPack ‘n Play On the GoJoovy Room2KidCo TravelPod4moms Breeze1010811111

Product EcoHealth Rating
Light 10
Lotus Everywhere 10
Traveller 8
Ultra-Lite Day and Night 1
Pack ‘n Play On the Go 1
Joovy Room2 1
KidCo TravelPod 1
4moms Breeze 1

BabyBjorn uses materials that have achieved Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. The materials are free from harmful substances and approved by Oeko-Tex as Class 1 for baby products. The materials do not contain harmful or potentially allergenic substances.


Manufacturer Video



There aren’t many accessories for this travel crib, but BabyBjorn has a fitted sheet for the crib that is easy to use and machine washable.

  • Fitted Sheet for Travel Crib Light —

    This single fitted sheet is made with 100% Organic Cotton specifically designed to securely fit the Travel Crib Light. The fabric is soft with elastic bands to keep it stretched and in place. This sheet is guaranteed free from hazardous substances and is easy to take off and put on for washing.

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