Our Analysis

With over 40 titles, Create-A-Book allows you to personalize children’s books for all ages, most life events and holidays. Personalization is easy to do on the website, and the books are very reasonably priced. The Baby Create-A-Book also comes in several versions, catering to multiple births and different religions. Filled with simple and playful illustrations and storylines, these books are a truly wonderful way to celebrate the lives of babies and children, a treasure families will hold onto indefinitely. And kids get so excited hearing their names read aloud, which helps to instill a lifelong love of reading!

Examples of some available titles and storylines are: Mother Goose, The Cottontail Adventure, Graduation, The Seven Candles of Kwanzaa, Mother’s Day, My First Day of School, The Soccer Book, Noah, The Story of Christmas, Little One Little One What Do You See?, My Tea Party, The Silver Swan (all these previously mentioned cover photos provided below), as well as these titles: The Train With No Name, No More Diapers, The Big Circus, The Ballerina Princess (an ethnic version available, too), My Birthday Surprise, The Sibling Book, and many, many more.

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