Our Analysis

When needing relief for baby nasal congestion, look no further than Arm & Hammer Simply Saline™ Baby combined with the NoseFrida SnotSucker. This combination will really clear nasal passages effectively so that baby can eat, sleep, and breathe easier. Spray in each nostril, wait about a minute, and use the NoseFrida.

Simply Saline is just salt, water, and baking soda without preservatives or CFCs. It clears and moisturizes nasal passages gently without burning or stinging. With a tapered nozzle designed for little ones, Simply Saline maintains sterility use after use. An expiration date at the bottom of the can lets you know when to buy a new one.

This video while a plug for Simply Saline, gives very important advice regarding treatment of nasal congestion in little ones.



The most commonly cited likes for this product are:

  • Easy to use
  • Natural ingredients
  • Gentle and comfortable little ones



We don’t have any dislikes for this product, and none are evident in user reviews we researched.

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